About Us

A musical instrument is an instrument that is made or modified for the purpose of producing music. In principle, anything that produces sound in a certain way, can be arranged or played by musicians can be called a musical instrument.

The variety of cultural arts in Indonesia is very numerous, one of which is traditional musical instruments which have various very unique characteristics. Indonesia has a variety of traditional musical instruments that cannot be found in other countries, some traditional musical instruments are also known internationally, and have even been recognized by UNESCO as official cultural heritage from Indonesia.

The Indonesian traditional musical instrument portal www.amiethnic.com is one of the 2022 - 2025 AMI Management programs in collaboration with the Federation of Indonesian Musicians' Unions (FESMI). This program is part of the AMI Cares Program which gives appreciation to

  1. Senior musicians (through the BPJS-TK system)
  2. Traditional musicians (creation of AMI Ethnic portal)

Supported by BRI Bank, this program is present as a window of the echo of Indonesian harmony to the world, as well as guiding and elevating UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Businesses) maestros (producers) of traditional musical instruments to transform into the digital era to reach the world music market.

AMI Ethnic displays various classical Indonesian traditional musical instruments along with explanations regarding the description of the instruments and also tutorials on how to play them. This portal for traditional Indonesian musical instruments will also provide information on how to buy these traditional musical instruments. AMI Ethnic is here as a form of appreciation for all traditional musicians in Indonesia.