Sape or widely known as Sampe is a traditional guitar typical of East Kalimantan.

It is also played by plucking. Sape has spread to areas of Samarinda, Malinau, West Kutai and Mahakam Ulu.

It is said that this musical instrument was solely used during healing ceremonies of sick people. Now, the Sape musical instrument is also often used in celebrations of the Dayak people.

Sape has various types of strings, some are between four and six. In addition, there is also a two-stringed Sape called the Sape’ Karaang which is usually used to accompany dances that include stomping movements.

The tones produced on the Sape instrument are divided into two tones, Tubunsitun and Sakpakok. The Tubunsitun tone usually has a slow tempo and produces a distinctive tone, while Sakpakok has a faster and more dynamic tone.